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About the Work

In the Fantasy for Horn and Tape, I wanted to create a “horn” world within which the soloist is an active member. Most of the sounds incorporated in the tape part are manipulations of horn sounds, or approximate horn-like timbres. The challenge was to maintain a sound world consistency while creating contrast through timbral shading. Throughout the work, the relationship between the timbres of the performer and the tape changes. The piece begins with sounds blending as closely as possible, and ends with the tape veering off into another dimension while the performer stands firm, without flinching.

As a child, I often listened to the sound of my brother practicing his horn in the next room as I fell asleep. The infusion of its timbre into dream imagery inspired the title of this work.

About the Composer

Kurt Stallmann is the director of REMLABS – Rice Electronic Music Labs at Rice University. From 1999–2002, he was the associate director of HUSEAC – Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition and Assistant Professor of Music in the Department of Music at Harvard University. He also was the founder/director of the Computer Music Studio at the Longy School of Music and served on the faculty at the Boston Conservatory of Music in the Dance Division where he designed a multi-disciplinary course on music and choreography.

Kurt’s compositions have been performed in the United States and Europe by the New Millennium Ensemble, Speculum Musicae, Mendelssohn String Quartet, and the Cleveland New Music Associates. His works have appeared on the Boston Conservatory Performance Series, NuClassix concert series, the Composer in Red Sneaker Series (member from 2001–2003), the Platform Series in London, and a Berio Festival in Milan. He has been a participant at the Aspen Music Festival, the Wellesley Composers Conference, IRCAM, and UPIC. His music is published by Trigon Music Press, RM Williams, and BMG Ricordi.