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Aprilis Nuptiae


for brass quintet


About the Work

Aprilis Nuptiae (April Wedding), is somewhat of a musical trick. Written at the request of the Bride and Groom, they wanted a bridal procession in canonic form similar to Pachelbel, but just over three minutes in length. The surprising part to me, however, was that they also wanted the piece to be based on the University of Georgia Fight song (which uses the “Glory” section from Battle Hymn of the Republic as the melody). The challenge then, was to preserve as much of the “Fight song” as possible (in one form or another), yet not sound like a fight song when the processional began.

I think you will agree that I accomplished my goal. There are more than five iterations of the “Glory” theme throughout the piece; the trick is, can you find them? One last trick, the date of the wedding is a palindrome (04/04/04), so I also created this as a “Mirror canon.” It can be played “Top to bottom” or “Bottom to top.” I hope you enjoy it.

About the Composer

Raymond Chase, composer and arranger, writes in various genres. He places particular emphasis on capturing how the human spirit copes with triumph and tragedy. His music is often described as complex, yet also quite accessible to the general listener. As a lifelong horn player, Mr. Chase draws heavily on that experience, writing for the instrument whenever possible. Recently, a collaboration with Karen Schneider and the Cincinnati Horn Connection yielded Mr. Chase’s most critically acclaimed work to date, Paradigm Shift, which premiered at the 35th International Horn Symposium at Indiana University. In addition, Mr. Chase has produced well over one hundred arrangements for a variety of different ensembles.

Mr. Chase studied composition with Stanley Gibb and Phillip Browne and conducting with Iris Levine and Mitchell Fennell. He studied horn with Audrey Lamprey at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree. When he is not flying as a professional pilot, he serves as the staff arranger and music consultant for the Riverside Unified School District.